Wellman offers replacement parts and service for the complete history of GE and Wellman Furnaces. We also offer critical furnace parts for a variety of competing furnaces.

Rolls, Bearings, Thermocouples - and other needed parts, accessories and assemblies are available. We also repair, maintain, rebuild, upgrade or modify existing furnaces, especially those manufactured by Wellman and General Electric.

For Replacement Parts, contact:

Melynda Turner mturner@wellmanfurnaces.com
Tel: 317-398-4411 Ext. 213 | Fax: 317-392-5461

Heating Elements & Accessories
Ribbon • Rod • Bayonet Style • Graphite • Silicon Carbide

Ribbon Heating Elements

Molybdenum Heating Elements
for Hydrogen & Vacuum Services

Bayonet Style Heating Elements

Thermocouples & Lead Wire
Available in type J, K, S, R, & Ni-Moly

Bearings & Adapters • Alloy & Steel Rolls • Radiant Tubes • Doors & Gaskets Flame Curtains • Bell Bases & Retorts • Heat Exchangers, Retorts & Combustion Chambers Catalyst for Gas Generators• Water Jacketed Cooler

Flanged Bearings

Alloy Rolls

Free Wheeling Sprockets & Parts

Wrought & Cast Alloy Radiant Tubes

High Temperature Fans & Assemblies

Water Jacketed Coolers


Wellman offers expert field service engineering support for installation, start-up, troubleshooting and repair.


Before . . .

After . . .

Wellman offers rebuild services for industrial furnaces and atmopshere equipment. The above pictures show a fifty year old furnace that was rebuilt to like new condition by Wellman for a customer that had purchased this furnace used and had it in operation several years prior to the rebuild.

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