Engineering Services

Wellman Furnaces has an experienced engineering staff capable of providing customers with practical solutions to their thermal processing and industrial heating problems. We utilize "concept to completion" expertise to meet our customer's requirements through the complete project cycle. Our capabilities include the following: Thermal Process Modeling and Evaluation, Thermal FEA Modeling and Analysis, Concept Development Alternatives and Final Design Development and Documentation.

The figure to the right shows a three dimensional plot of a thermal analysis performed by Wellman Furnaces engineers using a sophisticated finite element analysis (FEA) computer modeling program. It indicates the temperature gradients in the refractory walls of a slag collection sump which are heated by three sets of electric elements.  

This study allowed Wellman Furnaces to advise our customer how to maximize the electric heat input to this system without overheating the refractory or the heating element materials


The figure to the left shows a time-temperature chart generated from a heat transfer model developed by Wellman Furnaces to calculate the time required to heat ceramic particles by convection on a belt conveyor.  The individual curves are for each .125” layer in the bed from top to bottom.  The red curve on the right shows the heating rate of the belt itself.