Large Box Furnaces

Standard box furnaces made by other furnace manufacturers are sufficient for heat treating many parts - but some larger parts or trays can't fit in a standard 24" cube or even a 36" cube.

Wellman has been making customized large box furnaces for decades - furnaces that Wellman (or earlier as General Electric or GE) manufactured over 50 years ago are still operating today! Unlike other manufacturers' standard, off-the-shelf products, every Wellman furnace is unique, engineered and built for  specific customer needs while leveraging Wellman's 100+ years of cumulative experience designing and building thousands of reliable, safe, productive furnaces. Customers choose Wellman because they can count on getting a furnace that meets all of their needs and will operate reliably with high productivity for many years, from an expert manufacturer who is attentive and responsive.

Wellman box furnaces can be used for reheating, hardening, annealing, normalizing, stress relieving and tempering. They can be electrically heated or gas fired, by direct or indirect means, and are capable of operation with air or protective atmospheres.

Wellman always starts by understanding a customer's products, processes, and requirements. We work with their engineers and operators to help determine the best dimensions and capabilities to give them what they need, and apply our engineering expertise and practical know-how to design a customized furnace. We can provide budgetary proposals, drawings, and other materials to support a customer's funding authorization process, and then develop final drawings and documentation as needed before starting fabrication. We design and build customized controls that incorporate safety features, and then test each furnace before we ship it, and support commissioning and start-up as needed.

If you need a box furnace to process larger parts, please contact us - we'd be glad to discuss how we can make a great furnace to meet all of you needs! To contact us about large box furnaces, please call Jerry at (317) 398-4411 ext. 207 or email largeboxfurnaces@wellmanfurnaces.com .


Specs Range





Up to 2500 Deg.F (1371 Deg.C); typically 1450 Deg.F, 1900 Deg.F, or 2350 Deg.F Max. Temp.

Have done up to 64" (1.63 m.) Wide, 48" !1.22 m.) High, and 10' (3.05 m) Deep, completly customizable to meet customers' needs

Electric or Gas

 Air, Inert gases, Exothermic gas or Endothermic gas 


Sample Products

60"W x 36"H x 60"D - Set of 3

2100 Deg.F Max. Temp., Electrically-heated


Used for pre-heating billets

48"W x 36"H x 72"D     

1450 Deg.F Max. Temp., gas-fired  

Pusher, with rails              

Used for drawing and tempering trays of parts

In operation almost 35 years!